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Icemanmedia OpenStore™ is an editorial MediaWorkFlow solution, supporting the production of media from the automated ingestion and inflow of media, through all areas of the production until the publishing in multichannels. Your digital content, regardless of format, is always securely stored and easily accessed in the single repository. The modular structure and easy integration through OpenStore API™ to the CMS solutions used in the newsroom or to the IcemanMediaHub™, will enable any size of mediaorganization to substantially improve their productivity and to cut cost.

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The challenge in the newsroom is to limit the number of solutions needed to get the job done. OpenStore™ is integrated to all common CMS solutions in the market and OpenStoreMini™ is designed to be built into any third party applications to achieve a lean and efficient production flow. The technical design as well as the responsive structuren is optimal for any such purpose.

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IcemanMediaHub™ will radically change the way of integrating all Your solutions and sharing content, regardless of format. With a revolutionary plug-and-play structure any CMS solution or contentprovider within social media can share and use content. You can easily build Your own applications and services with tools from the IcemanMediaHub™ library and by connecting them to the IcemanMediaHub™, they are up and running with ease. The IcemanMediaContentEditor™ will manage and monitor all Your solutions, projects, aplications and services in realtime and the IcemanMediaExchange™ will gurantee that any solution used in Your editorial environment is fully integrated.

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IcemanMediaHub™ Admin manage all activities within the IcemanMediaHub™; users, roles, registered applications and services, the flow and usage of all content. With IcemanMediaHub™ Admin You can manage and monitor every activity in Your editorial environment, regardless which solution You are using.

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The IcemanMediaHub™ overview is subscribing for several formats of content from several sources.

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IcemanMediaDropBox™ is a platform for ingestion and delivery of media content and metadata to any organisation or solution in a secure way. External content providers such as free lance contributor, photographers, customer interactions or other mediapartners can easily be integrated in Your production flow in a secure and efficient way. IcemanMediaDropBox™ integrates with all common CMS solutions and support images, videos and text.

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